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Photo Album | 2002 Season Highlights

Photo of Jack Ward's 155 lb Alberta Trophy cougar

JACK WARD of King Ferry, NY had poor snow conditions during his initial hunt. He made his second try of the season in late January and his persistence was rewarded with this nice tom.

Photo of Bryce Johnson's Alberta Trophy cougar

BRYCE JOHNSON of Leavenworth, KS came for his first visit to Alberta in February. He arrived in time for some warm weather, but stuck with it and took this cat on day nine of his hunt.

Photo of Ray Krause's Alberta Trophy Antelope

RAY KRAUSE of Prince Rupert, BC made the drive over from the coast to get in on our first antelope hunt of the year. This nice buck was traveling by himself in the early morning rain and fog. Ray was lucky enough to intercept him, getting the antelope season off to a great start.

Photo of Taff Oltz's Alberta Trophy Antelope

Also joining us on the first antelope hunt was longtime friend TAFFORD OLTZ of Shelby, MT. Despite the rain, fog and lots of

Photo of Frederick Badia Alberta Trophy Antelope

FREDERICK BADIA of Barcelona, Spain traveled a great distance to hunt with us. He made a difficult shot to take this nice buck. Thanks for the Spanish lessons, Frederick!

Photo of Don Selby's '02 Alberta Trophy Antelope

DON SELBY of Orem, UT, has hunted with us a number of times, becoming a good friend along the way. He joined us on our second Pronghorn Antelope hunt of the year, in late October, and took this wide horned buck.

Photo of Gordon Burton's 16 inch 2002 Alberta Trophy Antelope

Outfitters get a chance to hunt their home ground on occasion. This year Gordon was lucky enough to take this nice buck for himself with a 140 grain Barnes X bullet from a .280 Remington.

Photo of Joe Piccolo's Alberta Shiras Moose

JOE PICCOLO of Johnsonville, NY got the trophy he came for. He harvested this big Shiras moose and saw some of the great scenery the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

Photo of Dave Shulte's 2002 Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

DAVE SHULTE of Glenarm, MD took this fine mulie on the first day of his three day hunt.
He was lucky enough to put his tag on a prairie whitetail on the third day. Photo of Dave Shulte's 2002 Alberta Whitetail Deer

Photo of Shawn Hartman's Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

SHAWN HARTMAN of Baltimore, MD joined his friend Dave for the trip to Alberta and was happy to find a trophy mule deer waiting for him too!

Photo of David Graton's 198 B&C Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

DAVID GRATON of El Granada, CA (right) took this beautiful non-typical buck at first light on the first day of his hunt.

His guide Gary Villemaire is holding David's buck below to give us another look at this super deer. Photo of Gary with David Graton's 198 B&C Muley

Photo of Jim Mellody's Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

JIM MELLODY of Scottsdale, AZ is an avid mule deer hunter, he joined us in November. He put on some miles hiking around the prairie landscape. He was rewarded with this long-tined buck.

Photo of Robert's big buck mule deer

ROBERT SLOCUM of Ashfield, MA and his father HOWARD SLOCUM of Sehaghticoke, NY came on a deer hunt together. Robert took this great deer at the beginning of his hunt.

Robert also managed to tag this old heavy whitetail before his hunt was finished. Photo of Robert Slocum's 2002 Whitetail Photo of Howard's Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

Howard was hunting with us for the second time (see the 33" Mule Deer buck Howard took on his previous hunt). Here's the buck he took on

Photo of Todd's Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

TODD REID of Columbia City, IA harvested this muley buck after hiking some picturesque prairie coulees.

Photo of Shawn's Alberta Shiras Moose

SHAWN YOUNT of Larwill, IA hunted hard to get his first moose and then the work began!

Thanks to everyone who joined us in 2002 and made the year another memorable one for us. Congratulations to those whose success we were lucky enough to share.

A few words of appreciation are in order to all those, whose contributions helped make everything possible.

Special Thanks to:
Andre Couture, Dan Fieldberg, Derek Barnes, Gary Villemaire, Heide Bowyer, John Gordon and Tony Kondel.

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