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Photo Album | 2004 Season Highlights

Photo of Mountain Lion - Walt Kirby's 155 lb Alberta cougar

WALT KIRBY hunted with us in early February and was pleased to get this beautiful tom on the third day of his hunt.

Photo of Mountain Lion - Jim Lawrence's 157 lb Alberta cougar

JIM LAWRENCE of Goodrich, MI, came to Alberta to get in on his first cougar hunt. He had some bad luck on his initial hunt. He made his second try of the season in early February and his persistence was rewarded with this exceptional cat.

Photo of Mountain Lion - Jim McDowell's 176 lb Alberta cougar

JIM McDOWELL of Howell, MI, like his partner above and also came back again in February, we caught up with this great 176 lb tom a few days later.

Photo of Gordon Burton's 2004 Spring blonde bear

Outfitters don't always get as many chances to hunt as they would like. This year Gordon was happy to take this beautiful blonde bear on the last day of the spring season with a 140 grain Barnes X bullet from his .280 Remington.

Photo of Chris Speakman's 2004 Alberta Pronghorn Antelope

CHRIS SPEAKMAN, is a taxidermist in Chillicothe, OH. He came to Alberta in search of a "respectable representative" of the pronghorn species to mount full-size. He was rewarded with this heavy, long pronged buck!

Photo of Jurgen Koch's 2004 Alberta Pronghorn Antelope

JURGEN KOCH and WERNER MOSER came all the way from Germany to harvest these two nice antelope. Photo of Werner Moser's 2004 Alberta Pronghorn Antelope

Photo of John Kerridge's 2004 Alberta Moose

JOHN KERRIDGE of Pahiatua, New Zealand, took this Shiras bull moose on the second day of his hunt.

John was also lucky enough to put his tag on this nice mountain mule deer buck a couple of days later. He took both animals using a .280 Remington with 140 grain Barnes X bullets. Photo of John Kerridge's 2004 Alberta Trophy Mountain Muley

Photo of Susan Fallon with her heavy horned 2004 Alberta Pronghorn Antelope

TIM and SUSAN FALLON of Barksville, TX, joined us in October. We connected at the Safari Club International Convention a couple years ago and made plans to hunt together.

It's twice the fun when we guide a husband and wife and this hunt was no exception!

We started out on the prairies getting an antelope for Tim in the first few days. The girls hunted long and hard before Susan connected on this heavy horned buck. Photo of Tim Fallon's 2004 Alberta Pronghorn Antelope Photo of Tim Fallon's 2004 Shiras Moose

We finished up their hunt with a trip to the mountains and a Alberta Shiras moose for Tim. Photo of buster and birds

We also found time for a little wingshooting over "Buster", the German Shorthair Pointer pup we brought home with us from the NE Michigan SCI fundraiser last April.

Photo of David Arther's 2004 Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

DAVID ARTHUR of St. Charles, MO, made a great shot on the first morning of his hunt to get himself this terrific 5 X 5 muley.

Photo of Ross Jackson's 2004 Alberta Trophy mule deer

ROSS JACKSON of Golden, CO, hiked a few hills and coulees before he scored on this nice muley buck. He's looking forward to coming back to find the "one that got away"!

Photo of Clayton Smith's 2004 Alberta Trophy mule deer

CLAYTON SMITH of Reno, NV, knew he had reason to celebrate when he took this long-tined "classic" 4X4 in a prairie coulee. This is one of three big muleys going to our Nevada hunters this season! Photo of Clayton Smith's 2004 Alberta Trophy whitetailed deer

Clay also tagged his first whitetail buck earlier in the week.

Photo of Gary Furman's 2004 Alberta Trophy whitetail

GARY FURMAN of Reno, NV took this whitetailed deer a half hour into the first morning of his hunt. He was also fortunate enough to connect on this fine prairie mule deer before the week was done. Photo of Gary Furman's 2004 Alberta Trophy mule deer

Photo of Rick Furman's 2004 mule deer

RICK FURMAN of Reno, NV was not about to be outdone by his dad Gary (above), and took this great long tined buck on the last day of his hunt.

Photo of Gordon Burton's 2004 Alberta Trophy non-typical mule deer

This year Gordon was exceptionally lucky, in addition to the nice bear taken in the spring, he also took this magnificent non-typical muley. With 10 points per side this is truly a dream buck for him. As always, he was using his .280 Remington with a 140 grain Barnes X bullet.

Photo of Wayne Smith's 2004 Alberta Trophy mule deer

WAYNE SMITH of Graham, WA was hoping for a chance at a nice prairie mule deer buck. We were happy to see him have the opportunity to take this beauty.

Photo of Rod Moench's 2004 Alberta Trophy cougar

ROD MOENCH of Hanna, AB was with us in December. We covered a lot of ground before catching up with this nice Tom.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in 2004 and made the year such a memorable one for us. We truly enjoyed sharing your success with you!

A few words of appreciation are in order to all those, whose contributions helped make everything possible.

Special Thanks to:
Dale Silbernagel, Danny Fieldberg, Darren Daniel, Gary Villemaire, Glen Eldridge, Heide Bowyer, John Gordon, and last but not least... Kim, Toni and Don Grayson.

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