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Photo Album | 2013 Season Highlights

Photo of Mountain Lion - Patrick Gentil's Alberta cougar

PATRICK GENTIL of Paris, France, came to Alberta, Canada looking for adventure and harvested this nice mountain lion in February.

(See Patrick's big muley taken later in the year further down the page.)

Photo of Mountain Lion - Richard L'Esperance's Alberta cougar

RICHARD L'ESPERANCE of Port Washington, NY, returned in February for his second try of the year at a cougar and took this gorgeous tom on the last day of his hunt.

Photo of Bill Wilson's 2013 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

BILL WILSON of Missoula, Montana came back up to Alberta in September to hunt for trophy mountain mule deer on horseback. He shot this handsome sticker buck in a steep, high country basin.

Photo of Bill Wilson' Trophy Alberta Pronghorn Antelope

We then headed out to the prairies for Bill to pursue his passion for pronghorn antelope, where he took this gnarly, old bruiser. Bill has hunted with us many times and it's always great to have him back again.

Photo of Charlie Moore's Alberta Pronghorn Antelope

CHARLIE MOORE of Fort Mill, SC harvested this great pronghorn buck on a beautiful early October day. After a long stalk the buck gave us the slip, but fortunately we were able to get up on him again!

Photo of Tom Gilmore's Alberta Trophy Shiras Moose

TOM GILMORE of Libby, Montana, took this gorgeous bull on the fifth day of his horseback moose hunt. As you can see, persistance and patience paid off with a very unique and beautiful trophy. Note the unusual blue/grey coloration and light colored hooves which are the result of a recessive gene.

Photo of Dario Rocca's Trophy Alberta Pronghorn

DARIO ROCCA of New Liskeard, ON came on an antelope hunt in October with his friend Mel. He made trophy pronghorn hunting look easy, taking this ivory tipped and tight hooked buck early on the first morning of his hunt.

Photo of Mel Peddie' Trophy Alberta Pronghorn Antelope

MEL PEDDIE of New Liskeard, ON got this tall and heavy beauty after a strategic (and did we say LONG?!) crawling stalk. His hunt was not quite as easy as his friend Dario's was. (We hope your knees have healed, Mel!)

Photo of Barry Reiswig's 2013 Alberta Trophy Pronghorn

BARRY REISWIG of Cody, WY, came back to Alberta to add another trophy pronghorn to his collection. He took home this dandy buck. Barry has also hunted mule deer and moose with us in the past and we truly enjoyed having him back!

Photo of Jay Furney's 2013 Alberta Trophy Shiras Moose

JAY FURNEY of Pueblo, CO came north for a trophy Shiras moose horseback hunt at the end of October. He took this great bull with long points and tremendous fronts, the first morning of his hunt. After a fresh snowfall, the conditions were perfect. This moose was a straggler in a herd of bulls that were heading into the timber and Jay had a very small window to make the shot. Well done Jay!

Photo of Stacey Young's 2013 Trophy Alberta Whitetail Deer

STACEY YOUNG of Pueblo, CO accompanied Jay on his moose hunt. After helping pack out her sweetheart's moose it was her turn. Not to be outdone, she shot this heavy antlered whitetail two days later. After some serious tracking she was rewarded with her "trick or treat" buck on Halloween. We all agreed this buck was definitely a "treat".

Photo of Ashley Romer's 2013 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

ASHLEY ROMER of La Grande, Oregon accompanied her fiance Jamie below. She made a challenging shot to take this beautiful, wide and heavy muley buck, her first deer ever. Way to go Ashley!

Photo of Jamie Chalis's 2013 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

JAMIE CHALLIS of La Grande, Oregon took this pretty muley buck on a gorgeous November day after making a perfect stalk on the deer as he was bedded with his antlers sticking above the sage.

Photo of Patrick Gentil's 2013 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

PATRICK GENTIL of France, came back to Alberta in November and harvested this terrific muley on the second morning of his hunt. The buck was spotted in some sand hills and it took a cautious and heart pounding stalk to sneak up on him. Patrick was ready when this high and heavy buck jumped up from his bed at 15 yards.

(See Patrick's cougar taken earlier in the year at the top of the page.)

Photo of Marc Countiss's 2013 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

MARC COUNTISS of Sugar Land, TX, saw a couple of trophy bucks earlier in his hunt and was fortunate to take this mule deer on his last day, just as a snow storm blew in. Tremendous buck. Lucky guy.

Photo of Friedhelm Schmider's 2013 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

FRIEDHELM SCHMIDER of Roemerberg, Germany took this beautiful muley on the last day of the season. He made a great shot as the buck appeared on the edge of a deep coulee. You can guess what happened. With some ingenuity and effort we were able to retrieve the deer before it was too dark. A great way to end a fantastic season!

Thanks to everyone who joined us and made 2013 another memorable year for us. We are honored to share your experiences and successes with you!

Special thanks for helping us make it all happen to:

Darren Daniel, Dale and Penny Silbernagel, John Gordon.

Good hunting to all in 2014. We hope you can join us.

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