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Photo Album | 2017 Season Highlights

With another year behind us, and so many great memories made along the way, we're thankful to have shared the rewards of the hunt for over thirty years, with so many great people.

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Photo of
                Franz Buergers's 2017 Alberta Pronghorn

FRANZ BUERGERS of Germany, came to Alberta in September to see some sights and top off the trip with this this beautiful pronghorn.

Photo of
                Celine Ollech's 2017 Alberta Pronghorn

CELINE OLLECH of British Columbia, with her fine buck taken on the third day of her hunt. Celine was an observer on her husband Monty's proghorn hunt a couple of years back. This time they switched roles.

Photo of
                Bill Wilson's 2017 Trophy Alberta Pronghorn

BILL WILSON of Montana with his nice last day pronghorn, one of many antelope bucks he's been lucky enough to connect on.

Photo of
                Arthur Parr's 2017 Alberta Trophy Shiras Moose

ARTHUR PARR of North Dakota, harvested this Shiras bull moose on the third day of his October hunt. After an early blizzard on the first day made hunting near impossible, things turned around quickly for us when the sky cleared, as the snow covered ground made moose much easier to spot.

Photo of
                Cody Adams's 2017 Alberta Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

CODY ADAMS of Manitoba, with his deep forked muley, taken early in the morning on his way to bedding cover.

Photo of
                Chris Adams's 2017 Alberta Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

CHRIS ADAMS of Manitoba, took this great buck just a couple of hours after his son Cody (above) connected on his muley buck.

Photo of
                David Douglas' 2017 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

DAVID DOUGLAS of Washington, was back with us and took this big muley on the last day of his hunt.

Photo of
                Donnie Stinson's 2017 Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

DONNIE STINSON of Kentucky, took this exceptionally tall, long-tined prairie mule deer buck.

Photo of
                Phil Bernardi's 2017 Alberta Mule Deer

PHIL BERNARDI of Nevada, took this buck on the last day of his hunt.

Photo of
                Brian Cummings' 2017 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer

BRIAN CUMMINGS of Ontario, was back to hunt with us in November. We spotted this nice buck just as it started to snow and we soon lost sight of him. When it cleared later in the day, we were lucky enough to find him again.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in 2017 and special thanks to those who helped us make it all happen:

Darren and Toni Daniel, Dale and Penny Silbernagel, John Gordon, and Carole Frei.

We hope you can join us sometime soon. Good hunting to all in 2018.

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