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Photo Album | 2018 Season Highlights

Photo of
                Darren Daniel's Alberta Cougar

DARREN DANIEL, longtime friend and colleague, finally got his turn to take a cougar for himself in January, and harvested this beautiful big tom, to start the year off right.

Photo of
                Braeden Heffner's Alberta Pronghorn

BRAEDEN HEFFNER of British Columbia with his big gnarly pronghorn buck.

Photo of
                Dave Booth's Trophy Alberta Pronghorn

DAVE BOOTH of British Columbia, with his pronghorn buck.

Photo of
                Brian Cummings' Alberta Pronghorn Antelope

BRIAN CUMMINGS of Ontario, returned to hunt with us again and harvested his second pronghorn.

Photo of
                Jim Philipzyk's Alberta Trophy Pronghorn Antelope

Jim Philipzyk of British Columbia, with his pronghorn buck.

Photo of
                Brandon Laing's 2018 Alberta Trophy Pronghorn Antelope

BRANDON LAING of Michigan, returned for a muley hunt taking this old buck.

Photo of
                Dan Reed#39; 2018 Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

DAN REED of Washington, got this high and heavy prairie mule deer buck.

Photo of
                Don Taylor#39;s 2018 Alberta Trophy Mule Deer

DON TAYLOR of Washington, with his prairie mule deer buck.

Photo of
                Jim Dixon's Alberta Muley

JIM DIXON of Alaska, was back to Alberta and harvested this, his second muley with us.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in 2018 and a shout-out to those who helped us make it happen:

Darren and Toni Daniel, Dale and Penny Silbernagel, John Gordon, and Carole Frei.

We hope you can join us sometime soon. Good hunting to all, wherever your travels take you.

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