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Alberta Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunts

Photo of Tracy's big 5 by 5 (10 point) Alberta mountain whitetail

Big bodied bucks carrying large antlers are an Alberta trademark.

Alberta's reputation for big whitetails is well known, but the mule deer hunting in Alberta is also second to none.

High racks with great mass define Alberta's big bucks, for both species. Many of our clients will see more true trophy class deer on one hunt with us than they have seen on all their previous hunting trips elsewhere, combined. We urge you to come see for yourself what Alberta, Canada has to offer.

Photo of Adam Radolinski's 2006 Alberta Mountain Whitetail Buck

Big bucks of both species are possible and our clients are able to take advantage of that opportunity on a combination deer hunt. For that reason we offer a limited number of whitetail only or mule deer only hunts, contact us for availability.

Whitetail bucks increase their activity as they enter the initial stages of the rut, making scrapes, rubs, etc. during the last week of October. We then can start hunting whitetail deer and mule deer together on our popular six-day combination hunt.

For more info on Alberta whitetail hunts we suggest you also visit Daniel's Outfitting.

Mountain Deer Hunts

The deer season in our mountain zone begins in late September. For the early season hunts we will often combine deer with black bear, elk or moose. An antelope and deer combo is an also an option, one that let's hunters see the diversity of southern Alberta, prairies to the east and the Rocky Mountains on the west.

Both species of deer are found in the mountains (the two whitetails above are mountain bucks).

Photo of Alberta Mountain Muley with big drop tines

To us, hunting the high country for bachelor herds of mule deer bucks is one of the finest hunting experiences to be had anywhere, so we're always eager to share that experience with our clients. A six day, mountain mule deer only hunt in October is available, when our schedule permits (moose and antelope hunts can tie us up in October).

The season continues through the rut, to the end of November. This is the time for a combo hunt. You never know when or where you might see a huge buck of either species, and sometimes you'll see both, in close proximity to one another.

For these hunts we will either stay at one of our wilderness tent camps or take daily trips from our home with the horses and trailer to one of several trail heads that lead to our trophy deer hotspots. For most of the area, no motorized vehicles are allowed and so access is only on horseback or foot, further limiting hunting pressure and ensuring that you have the greatest possible chance at mature trophy deer.

The current price list is available on our booking page.

Ubaldo Lopez of Sonora, Mexico came for an October hunt in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Ubaldo is both an Outfitter and a Taxidermist so he knows a good deer when he sees one. He didn't hesitate when he saw this big heavy antlered mountain muley in a canyon at first light.

Photo of Ubaldo Lopez of Mexico with his Alberta Mountain Mule Deer

Ubaldo finished off the week by taking his first ever moose. He told us he had a lot more Alberta hunts on his wish list, and since that first hunt, has returned to Alberta and taken two more great muley bucks and an outstanding whitetail.

Ubaldo also took a monster Alberta muley on a prairie hunt in 2005, and this big Prairie Whitetail in 2008 (Yeah, he's one lucky Mexican!).

We've hunted Desert Mule Deer and Coues' Deer with Ubaldo's El Rodeo Hunting Lodge in Sonora, Mexico. Call us if you want to join us the next time we go! To see the photos of Tracy's super Coues whitetail buck and Gordon's 33 inch desert muley visit our "About Us" page.

Prairie Deer Hunts

Photo of 3 Big Alberta Prairie Mule Deer

Our prairie deer season is restricted to four four-day hunts which take place every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in November. This area produces some of the best trophy mule deer anywhere, so this is a primarily a mule deer hunt, with the added bonus of a whitetail if you're lucky enough to see a big one while looking for that monster muley.

(There are some big whitetails taken on these hunts, but we don't consider this our best whitetail area.)

In case you missed it above, here's a photo of a really big Prairie Whitetail Buck we took recently.

Hunting pressure is controlled by licence quotas, enabling us to consistently produce big muley bucks for our clients.

The terrain consists of prairie grassland, grainfields, coulees and river bottoms. You can expect some longer shots on both mule deer and whitetails in this open country. Accommodation can be either ranch house or motel, depending on the particular area we are hunting, transportation is by 4X4 or on foot.

You make a significant investment of time and money in a hunt and we make that investment count. Our hunts deliver the value you expect and deserve. The current price list is available on our booking page.

Photo of Jim Lancaster's 6X5 Alberta Prairie Mule Deer Photo of Howard Slocum's 33 inch wide Alberta Prairie Mule Deer

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